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Top Tips for a Happy Business Workplace

Top Tips for a Happy Business Workplace
Added on Oct 29, 2013

We will spend on average, nearly 20% of our waking lives at work so it’s important to make those office hours as good as they can be for both your own and your co-workers sakes! Afterall, they do say a happy workplace is a productive workplace – great news for the business and for keeping the boss happy too! Here are our top tips to make the working week a happy one, wherever and whatever your business workplace may be.

Share ideas & opinions  People love being asked for their opinion and advice, so asking a colleagues opinion on your latest project or seeking their expertise can generate good feelings all round and you may even stumble upon a previously unthought of idea. Even if the response ends up being less than helpful it can be a could be a good way to improve colleague relations and make people feel valued.

Greet your colleagues!

Remember your gran’s old saying..good manners cost nothing! A simple smile and good morning/have a good evening can do wonders for the atmosphere in the office and takes just a few seconds. Don’t be the worker who slopes off without saying goodbye. This is particularly important in a small team. 

Be courteous to different working styles

Just because you have the Friday feeling or are having a daft ten minutes, others may well be on a deadline and juggling 12 projects at once. So if your co-worker isn’t quite as communicative as normal or can’t see the funny side to that hillarious new YouTube video doing the rounds,  don’t take it personally, leave them to focus for now and they will join in when they are able to.

Tidy up after yourself

You wouldn’t get away with leaving cups for days on end to grow mould at home so don’t do it in the office.  It is a shared space and should be treated with respect.  The thankless task

Cup of Coffee --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Cup of Coffee — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

of washing up often falls upon an unlucky few so don’t take advantage, do your bit and chip in with the drying up or at least do your own dishes.

Return calls and emails promptly

In today’s increasingly digital society, co-workers don’t have to share the same space 9 to 5 and often work remotely or on the road.  This isn’t an excuse for poor communications – in fact it’s never been easier to stay in the loop so make sure you get back to calls and emails promptly – it’s just good etiquette. Failure to do so gives out the message to colleagues and clients that they’re not important, which is definitly not good for relations! You could try and schedule in three ‘call & email’ slots each day to make sure you give this task the time it deserves and ensure you offer excellent colleague and customer service.

Give credit where credit is due

Has the new person in the office done an excellent report? Has your colleague just won a large instruction for the business? Congratulating deserving colleagues is good for moral and the great feeling will soon spread, leading to even more good news to celebrate! 


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