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Office to Residential – Have you completed your viability assesment?

Office to Residential – Have you completed your viability assesment?
Added on Aug 31, 2013

Following the change to permitted development rights in March 2013 that aims to reduce redundant office stock and meet demand for residential schemes, Deriaz Slater teamed up with local Chartered Surveyors and Chartered Architects within the Thames Valley  to launch Office to Residential. O2R offers over 50 years’ combined commercial property industry experience, making assessing the viability, value and design of office to residential conversions, a simple one stop shop.

With just a three year window of opportunity under the relaxed planning rules, it pays to get experts on board to assist in the planning and execution of your conversion. If you are a property owner, developer or investor looking to convert some or all of your office portfolio within the Thames Valley, we can guide you through the project from start to finish via the following key steps:

Consultation & Valuation

This initial viability assessment is key and will assess conversion potential based on the current market value and the end residential values once costs have been accounted for. This allows for an informed decision to be made on whether conversion, or bringing existing faciltiies up to 2013 office standards is the best way to proceed.  

Building Survey

Building Surveys assess the practicalities and technicalities involved in the conversion. The existing building frame will be reviewed, taking into consideration the building envelope, light & ventilation, party walls, noise, service provisions and amenities and parking. Once you know what is required to make the change to residential dwelling, a comprehensive project programme and building budget can be drawn up.


Space planning & schematic design is of utmost importance to end residential dwellers so it pays to get these considerations in early to save time and costs by getting the best out of your premises for its new purpose. Replanning and refurbishment of buildings incorporating natural lighting, access and egress plus secondary means of escape are all important considerations taken care of by experienced  architects.

An office to residential conversion is a great way to make use of unused obsolete office space. There is plenty of help available to ensure you can viably convert your commercial property into residential property, or alternatively renovate your office stock to meet the demanding requirements of current businesses.

Contact Martin Somers on 01628 495509 for an initial discussion of your requirements or to view successful O2R conversions to date.

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