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How can your business save money on energy bills?

How can your business save money on energy bills?
Added on Aug 08, 2013

What do a thriving restaurant, busy hairdressers, hectic office and manufacturing production plant have in common? All of the business owners are faced with rising energy costs.

Working with business professionals throughout the Thames Valley and M40 corridor, Deriaz Slater not only help companies acquire new locations in Marlow, High Wycombe and the surrounding areas, but also provide property management solutions and advice on investment and planning opportunities, lease renewals and rent reviews.

We know energy providers and their ever-increasing costs are constantly hitting the headlines and businesses are feeling the impact just as much as residential occupiers, so we’ve put together some simple tips on how business owners can manage their energy outgoings.

  • Be in the know about energy efficiency schemes specifically for businesses. Work closely with your energy supplier to assess your business needs and once you have pin-pointed your majority energy costs, you can look at ways to reduce consumption and outgoings. You can also decide whether investing in green energy such as solar thermal, solar PV, wind power, biomass, air or ground heat pumps are right for your business.
  • While investing in green energy comes at an initial cost, the government have implemented incentives such as the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) to earn returns on your investment.
  • There are grants and incentives available to make it easier for your business to find the initial costs to invest in green energy and consequentially lower your carbon footprint. The Energy Saving Trust has several schemes available to help businesses gain the funding to install solar PV and even invest in energy saving cars. They can offer free and impartial advice to reduce your energy consumption.
  • When looking to save money on your household energy bills, money saving experts suggest looking into switching your energy supplier. This works for businesses too as your current supplier may not be the cheapest on the market for your needs – don’t be afraid to shop around to get the best deals for your business.
  • Ensure you take regular meter readings to prevent your business from paying for energy you don’t even use.
  • Small changes really do add up! By taking small steps you will, over time, reduce overall energy consumption and save money. Switch off monitors when shutting down computers, only print what you need and encourage working from home and remote working to keep energy bills in check.
  • Share your energy saving tips with us via our Facebook page or tweet us @DeriazSlater #businessenergysaving.
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